Get Paid to Work as a Citizen Journalist

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Get Paid to Work as a Citizen Journalist

Have you ever wanted to be a news reporter but your life just never fell in that direction? Have you ever wanted to scoop that big story for your local newspaper but your career never took you to that point? With the popularity of the internet increasing it is possible to see your name in a news story byline and it is even possible to get paid to work as a Citizen Journalist. A Citizen Journalist is someone that is an average citizen that goes around and writes what they consider to be important news stories and submits them to various media outlets. In some cases the Citizen Journalists also bring their camera along and take pictures to go with their stories and add that extra element to their reports. Offering to get paid to work as a Citizen Journalist is not something new as it has been around for decades, but the internet now makes the process much easier.

You may want to start off by getting your writing skills into shape before you start looking to get paid to work as a Citizen Journalist. You can start your own blog website and start writing news stories for the world to read and then you can insist that people give their criticisms of your work so you know what needs to be changed to make your work good enough to sell. Do some research into the proper format for good news stories and try to work within that format as much as possible. Advertise and promote your blog so that you can get as much input as possible and then when you feel like you have honed your skills it is time to get paid.

Many local media outlets are starting to offer Citizen Journalists the opportunity to get their work published on a real news website but usually this is not a paying position. However, if you can start to get some of your news stories published on a real news website you then build credentials that can help you get published anywhere. In some cases your local news paper may offer the chance for you to get paid to work as a Citizen Journalist. It is worth it to contact the newspaper and ask them if they would pay you for any stories that you submit and they accept. You would be surprised at how many will say yes.

There are websites that have content only from Citizen Journalists and they pay for every story that they publish. These websites are frequented by thousands of visitors a day and they are the perfect vehicles for you to not only get your stories published but also for you to get paid to work as a Citizen Journalist.

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