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Antispam Policy

Please read our Anti-Spam Policy carefully as we have zero tolerance towards any kinds of spamming activities.

What is spam?
Spam (unsolicited commercial e-mail) is an email message that you send to someone when they did not ask for it. There are many kinds of spamming. Posting irrelevant messages on newsgroups, usenet, message board, chat sites, forums, etc.

What is your anti-spam policy?
As if we have zero tolerance towards spam, if you spam, your AvaMail Account will be terminated, your referrals will be wiped clean from our system, and you will be forever banned from AvaMail. Also, all the members uplink from you will also lose all the referrals you have.

Where To Report Spammers?
If you have been spammed by one of our members, please report it to abuse@avamail.com and immediate action will be taken. Please include the spam email, and also the member's id.