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What is AvaMail ?
AvaMail gives you the opportunity to make money by reading e-mail and sign up to different free offers!
You choose categories that interest you and AvaMail delivers!

How is able to pay me?
Advertisers pay us to send email ads to our members, and we turn around and pay you for receiving the ads. You will only receive ads from categories that your choose. It is a win-win situation. Why not make your email account work for you? Nothing could be easier!

How much will I get per paid email?
You can earn 10 points for each email message! The approximate price 10 points is between $0.02 - $0.05, depending on the advertiser.
And you get from $0.1 to $5 per one registration!
We pay you 70% of the advertising revenue generated by your actions on our site.

How do I get credit for reading the ads?
Any AvaMail Paid Email contains two links and description of the advertising offer.
Bottom link is a direct link to our advertiser. When you click on it, you will be paid by AvaMail 8 points. To get paid you must spend 20-30 seconds on advertiser's site.
If you click on the top link, you will go on our page, with more detailed description of the offer. You will be paid 2 points for it. On this page you also will find the direct link to our advertiser, and you also receive 8 points if you click on it.
So you can earn 10 points for each email message! The approximate price 10 points is between $0.02 - $0.05, depending on the advertiser.
And of course you will be paid by 3 points each time one of your referrals reads an original email message for the first time. So you have 30% from earnings of your referrals.

How can I earn by registrations?
Just sign up to different free offers, that you can find in your account and we will pay you from $0.1 to $5 per registration.
And you will get +10% from income of your referrals.

How many referrals can I have?
At AvaMail there is NO limit to the number of referrals you can have. Your success is our success.

How do I get credit for referring my friends?
We will give you a 'special link' that automatically gives you credit for referring your friends to You can take this links in our Referral Center or you will gain access to this link once you have logged into you account. Remember, the key to making a lot of money with AvaMail is building up your referral base!

Can I put a link to my web page to help get more sign-ups?
You sure can! For more ways to promote your account, go to AvaMail Referral Center.

When do I get paid?
Payments sent monthly in the form of a check, WebCertificate or by EGold or WebMoney.
Will be processed and mailed only once a member has accumulated $22 in their account. We take $2 for mailing needs.

Can I update my information after joining?
YES! You can update your AvaMail account information anytime by going to the update profile section inside of your account.

How long can I be an AvaMail member?
You are a member for lifetime, or until you have specifically requested to cancel your membership. (Note: we can also terminate your membership if you didn't adhere with our terms and conditions.)

Is this service available in all countries?
YES. AvaMail is available in all Countries.

Does AvaMail have an anti-spam policy?
YES. Read our Anti-Spam Policy here.

How do I check my stats and see how much I am earning?
You should regularly log into your member area to administer your membership account. To log in, simply go to, key in your userid and passward at the login box and then click 'login'.

Is my information kept private?
YES, The information you provide on the sign up form will Never be given to any outside source without your authorization. We strictly protect your privacy. Click here to view the full Privacy Policy.

If I decide to cancel, how do I do that?
Easy. After logging in, just select the option to deactivate your account. If you have any problems canceling your account, please contact us and we will help you get this done.