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Get Paid to Visit Websites

Suppose that you do not want to spend time reading email advertisements. Suppose that online research does not appeal to you. Suppose that you have no interest in searching for special offers, offers made available by online retailers. You do not need to abandon any secret hopes that you might harbor, hopes that you can get paid to visit websites.

You just need to enroll in the right sort of program. You need to look for a pay to click program. Such a program offers cash to PC users who click on various links and visit specified websites. Some of these programs require members to have a special type of account. Other programs will mail out a check, or will put money into t Paypal account for anyone who has signed on to a given program.

Does it pay to look for methods by which a PC user can get paid to visit websites? How much money can someone make by signing on to one of these pay to click programs? Those who sign on to Clicking 2 Rewards earn one half cent for every sponsored link that they visit. That visit needs to last at least fifteen seconds. Anyone who refers a friend to Clicking 2 Rewards gets paid a little something each time that his or her friend visits the designated links.

Website visitors can also make money by signing on to OptInPays. That program pays PC user for each website, within their linkssection, that he or she visits. A funded link pays the PC user three cents. Obviously, those who want to make money need to make repeated visits to each of the specified links.

OptInPays has a sister site, "Opt-In-Pays." Both sites offer the same service. Both sites pay those who click on the designatedlinks. Neither website has specified minimum cash out level. Payments from both websites arrive on a monthly basis. Funded links on Opt-In-Pays deliver only one third of the amount that is paid on its sister website.

If you really want to get paid to visit websites, then you should also take a look at the program offered by Linkburst. The company that offers that program is the same company that advertises the benefits of Opt-In-Pays. Linkburst has more paid links than Opt-In-Pays, but the amount of money paid for each of those links is very low. With that information in mind, you are ready to profit from your time spent viewing a lighted computer screen.

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