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Get Paid to Surf

Online retailers, search providers and advertisers all want to know what online features catch the eye of the typical Internet surfer. For that reason, businesses that invest in online content often ban together. Some of them have joined A Global Company (AGLOCO). AGLOCO provides those who are "captivated" by a PC screen with special tools, tools that allow them to get paid to surf.

AGOCO receives money from advertisers. Those advertisers want to discover what online features attract the average Internet viewer. AGOCO has such viewers among its membership. Advertisers reach those Internet viewers by using a "Viewbar." The Viewbar lets the advertisers keep track of the websites that any one AGOCO member visits. That member will then get paid to surf the Internet.

Not every advertiser looks to AGOCO for help with learning what best catches and holds the attention of the average Internet surfer. Some advertisers count on the information gathered by "cashsurfers." Surfing crazed PC owners can earn money by signing up on the Cashsurfers website. In that way, they not only receive a monthly payment through PayPal, they can also take advantage of special deals.

A lot of online retailers offer low prices. What is so special about the deals made available to those who sign on to Cashsurfers? Why would someone want to go after those deals?

Cashsurfers helps the online shopper to locate "hard-to-find" items. Suppose, for example, that an online shopper wants to put a car port over his or her driveway. How is that homeowner going to get a bargain price on a carport? If that homeowner has signed on to Cashsurfers, then he or she just needs to go to that website, and to click on the link for "Popular Special Offers."

Those who sign up on Cashsurfers do not always need something as large as a carport. Sometimes they want to find something much smaller, such as a bistro set. Bistro sets, chess sets and dog kennels are all sold at a special price to interested, cash-hungry surfers. Those same surfers can also take advantage of the special prices on futons, Adirondack chairs and badminton equipment.

Each time that someone purchases something from the list of specials on Cashsurfers, then that buyer gets credited for some extra cash. That extra cash goes into his or her paypal account. Advertisers, too, benefit from the appeal of certain websites, sites that help online shoppers to get paid to surf.

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