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Get Paid to Shop

The "mystery shopper" has discovered a secret, the secret of how anyone can get paid to shop. The mystery shopper has been hired by a business, usually a retailer. The mystery shopper takes on the role of a customer, thus the mystery shopper learns about the level of customer service at the targeted business.

Would you like to get paid to shop? If so, then you need to search for a Mystery Shopping organization. Each person in such an organization expects to be treated like an independent contractor. He or she receives assignments. He or she has a designated period of time in which to complete each assignment.

So, how can you find a Mystery Shopping organization? You need to visit a Mystery Shopper website. You might want to take a look at ShoppingJobs.net. The shoppers/contractors who contact businesses through ShoppingJobs.net can make between $10 and $40 per hour.

Now if you want to be a mystery shopper, you must pay attention to more than just the amount of money that you might earn by doing one hour of shopping. You should also take note of any fringe benefits that the hiring business is willing to grant to each mystery shopper. Find out if the hiring business promises to give its mystery shoppers free gas, free meals, free clothing or free entertainment.

Mystery shoppers do not have to show up for work at a fixed time of day. They do not have to put in a set number of hours per week. A mystery shopper can spend only a few hours a month shopping for a single company, or a mystery shopper can devote ten to fifteen hours a week shopping. Moreover, that shopper can, if he or she so desires, be contracted by more than one company.

If you decide to be a mystery shopper, keep in mind that you will almost certainly not be the only mystery shopper in your locality. You will have to compete with other mystery shoppers for assignments. If you live in an area where there are a limited number of stores, you should realize that you will have only a limited number of assignments.

Should you decide that you want to get paid to shop, you will join a large group of assignment hungry shoppers. As you learn more about reporting valuable information to the hiring business, then you will receive more assignments. Ultimately, you will find that you can make more money just by doing what you like to do.

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