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Get Paid to Read Emails

Some people seem addicted to email. They want to access a computer every 20 minutes, so that they can check to see if they received any new email messages. Such an "addict" should learn about how to get paid for reading emails.

Anyone who feels compelled to check for new emails on a regular basis should not feel like he or she displays a "real oddball" behavior. A number of people who have become addicted to emails have also become members of an online association, an association of email readers. Those readers get paid for spending time at their PC, perusing or speed-reading emails.

Those who originated such associations seek to increase the size of each membership roll. They often offer cash to the person who agrees to join a certain association. That initial cash bonus represents but one way that someone can get paid to read emails.

The association sends various emails to its members. Each email includes a link. The association member is supposed to click on that link. That allows the sponsor's website to load onto the computer screen. In that way, the association can keep track of how many email advertisements each of its members reads.

Why does that association want to keep track of how many email advertisements each of its members reads? That association wants to obtain that information because it plans to pay its members for reading those emails. Members can expect to receive a check in their mailbox as soon as they have earned a fixed amount of money (typically $50.00).

Often someone who loves to read emails has friends who share their fascination with email messages. Someone who has joined an online association of email readers can acquire some extra change by sharing encouraging his or her friends to join the same association. Whenever members refer a friend, than those members get a portion of any money that the association receives from the creator of the emailed advertisement.

Observant members can choose wisely from their circle of friends. Each association sends to its members email advertisements that correspond to the interests of those members. A member might want to make note of what sort of advertisements he or she gets sent most often. Then that member could contact friends who have an interest that relates to that advertised product.

In that way, an ever widening circle of computer users would get paid to read emails.

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