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Get Paid to Drive

You have probably driven your car past at least a couple of billboards. The owner of that billboard gets paid for that obstruction to the general scene. Did you ever think "I wish I could get paid to drive"? Well, you can.

You can get paid for driving your car. You do not have to make an added trip to a special location. There is a good chance that you can get paid to drive to those places where you have to go everyday.

You simply need to find a business that has agreed to pay you for placing an advertisement on your car. Some businesses even offer to pay for the car, as well as the cost of the sign.

Now you may be thinking, "Do I need to put a large sign on my car? I do not want my car to look like a taxi or a vehicle that is used to deliver pizzas." Vehicle owners who get money for driving around do not all have large signs on their car. They have a paint-safe vinyl film or decal on their vehicle. That decal can advertise a business, a sports event or a movie that will soon be released.

If you own a van or an SUV, you might agree to have a complete-car wrap. If you have a smaller vehicle, then you are more apt to want a partial wrap, or a simple window decal. Still, be aware of the fact that not every vehicle owner can get paid to drive. Marketing agencies prefer to sponsor four wheeled signs in urban areas. They want to expose that mobile sign to as many people as possible.

In addition, the vehicle owner needs to produce proof that he or she plans to cover at least 1000 miles per month. So if you live in the city, but only drive your car a few blocks each day, you will not qualify for any paid to drive program. Moreover, if you are a high school student who likes to drive around, you can not get money for taking those excursions. You need to be at least eighteen, if you want someone to pay you for driving.

If you decide to go after one of the many paid to drive programs, do not count on spending all of your added income on entertainment and luxury items. Your sponsor will expect you to pay for your own car insurance. Your sponsor will expect you to keep your car in good working order. A sponsor can always cancel a contract.

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