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Get Paid to Be Online

After members of the public found that they could easily pass time by watching TV, many homeowners and apartment dwellers became "couch potatoes." Upon the arrival of the Internet, online retailers knew that they had to compete with the widespread "love for TV." For that reason, online retailers have welcomed the tools that give Internet viewers the ability to get paid to be online.

The Internet serves as a ready source of information. Online shoppers look for information about special deals. Academics seek a different sort of information. Some of that information has been posted online. Sometimes, an Internet viewer can find a way to get paid to be online, and to read certain posted content.

Sometimes, academic researchers want to discover how various subjects react to content that has been posted on the Internet. In that case, the researcher might pay someone to go online and to visit various websites. Usually, a researcher puts potential subjects through a screening, so that he or she can select those subjects who would be most apt to provide the researcher with information of value.

Sometimes, non profit groups that seek federal funds plan to submit a grant proposal. In order to write that proposal, they need to gather information. They need readers, people who are ready to go online and read the information on a generous number of websites.

So, academic researchers and grant writers have good reason to tell a PC user, "I can help you to get paid to be online." Still, anyone who hears such a statement should respond by asking several questions.

They should ask exactly what it is they will need to do. How much time will they need to spend online? How do they have to record and communicate the information that they gather while they are online?

Next, they should ask just where they will need to be when they go online. Can they work at home, on their own PC? Will they need to make a certain number of trips into the office of the academic or to the agency that plans to request a grant?

Once a PC user has the answers to those questions, then he or she can decide whether or not it would pay for him or her to devote a given number of hours to specific online research. Would the money that has been offered compensate for the expected investment of time?

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